Our 3-minute video

Our Uniqueness

Over 28 years since our inception, within our field, we:
  • Carved a business model that has remained unique
  • Built an infrastructure that is unrivalled
These two pillars carry our sustainable competitive advantage

Our building blocks

  • Quality of our Australian products
  • Strengths of our selected partner clients in their respective markets
  • Permanent, active in-market presence
  • Cost-effective, well-coordinated infrastructure
  • Differentiated service to our partner clients along the entire sale cycle
  • Transparent regular market updates to our partner manufacturers
  • Relentless drive for efficiency
  • Adoption of the latest relevant technologies
  • Ethical business practices and good governance
  • Achievement-inducing work environment with low turnover of team members

Our Character

  • We are passionately focused, specialising in retail products
  • We keep evolving, product-wise, market-wise, service-wise and skills-wise
  • We constantly nurture our relationship with each of our related stakeholders
  • We continuously seek and tackle challenges, relevant to our objectives
  • We have clear long-term plans funneled through a well-defined vision